Monday, August 13, 2018

Omni and Bryce 💚 TheClingyFamily Meet and Greet

Omni and Bryce Bumabagyo Meet and Greet. haha!
This is my appreciation post to Mr. and Mrs. LARROSA of #TheClingyFam 💚

(Waah! I dont know how to start writing this blog because of my bedWeather mood today! still shookt on what happened yesterday. (Aug.11.2018) We had a succesful mini-meet and greet with the clingy Fam but i was so sad about the news that the marikina river reached it's 20th level. luckily, we live in District 2, Marikina Heights that is why we are not really affected by the flood.)

going back to the topic! Guys..beshies, momshies, frennies..
Have you experienced meeting people for the first time but it feels like you've known them for so long? like forever? nyehehe i mean, it feels like you really know them so well? It happens to me a lot of times.. maybe because those people are having a good heart and has a natural way of reachin out through other people. It is not hard to tell if the person you are talkin to is warm-hearted, kind, and super duper down to earth!  and the only goal in life is to spread love, inspire and sharing that how their family bond matters..
and i was pertaining to them!

Intruducing the Larrosa family a.k.a THE CLINGY FAMILY!!!

The Clingy Family are Mr. Bryce, Ms. Omni and their lovely kids Zia, Zela and Zed.

I honestly I never heard about them before and I became their follower just recently. One of my hobby is to join online promos on facebook and other linked accounts on it. I saw their promo post which is aiming for 5k subscriber on  YouTube and their partnership with The Araneta Center.  Ooops! Thanks to my co-promonatics whom they shared their post about this! I've joined their raffle promo but unfortunately i didn't win! Yes, sad to say.. haha but! but! but! But when Omni & Bryce created an event and they've decided to open 10 slots for their followers for a simple -but it happens to be a "simple pero rock!"  mini meet and greet.  That mini meet and greet event was very memorable! huhu seriously! I am a kind of person that is willing to support these kind of people! super down to earth and i also  feel that God is the center of everything for them.. 'cause i have noticed it when Bryce was sharing a story of how hard working Omni is since their college days.. uhh.. here: (photo not mine.grabbed it from one of my co-promonatics mom. i just did a little editing of the frame and background.) The way they talk i can see a loving couple, God centered and a smart looking impressions.

Thank you so much OMNI And BRYCE for sharing your words of wisdom with us!
Power! Open Minded kami! LOL Kidding aside, I just want to thank them for having the opportunity to meet  them. An awesome couple vlogger or should i say, they are such an awesome family Vlogger!  💚

with the #TheClingyFam !!! insert Zia and Zed. 😂

I also want to thank  them for having the opportunity to meet Mr. Dave and Ms. Joanne of  #MrAndMrsB ❤ and  for the sponsorship of Mc Donalds KIA Theater  and especially Gateway and Ali Mall Cineplex for the advance special screening ( advance na, special pa! ) of Hotel Transylvania 3! I can't explain how lucky we were when we found out that we can also have the privilege to watch the movie! My son was so happy that he was able to watch the Hotel Transylvania 3 :  A Monster Vacation! Plus seeing a couple of celebrities around! We really enjoyed watching the movie and it feels so good that we doesn't even care if we laugh so hard in most of Papa Drac and Erica's scenes! they're ZING.  HAHA!  even the part where Papa Drac Noticed that all this time Jonathan brought his gadgets with him! I was so amazed with the beat of Dj Van Helsing! Lol 😁 Also the timeless MACARENA and the dance moves of the monsters! What a great movie.. never fails us what the true meaning of happiness is that's not just for the kids but also for us adults!Hehe

I'm so excited to share the whole movie with you guys but it is more exciting if you will also watch the movie in the cinema, too! so that we can talk about it over and over and overrrrr.... My bestfriend, Belle Yu! Hello! Haha I hope you will able to watch the movie as soon as you gave birth to your second child! I can't wait to share the story of the movie with you and ken, of course!

So for now, to those who are not yet a subsciber of The Clingy Fam... Please! Yes, Please! I am begging you guys to be part of our growing family! Yes, I am also a part of their family by heart! 💚❤💚  and YES,  that i need to beg because if you're not aware.. every Follower counts! you know, tsk! the YouTube and Facebook policies nowadays.. HAhaha

please click those links  below ⬇️ to subscribe and be part of the growing family of #TheClingyFam   the #OandBRoadTo10K .. feel free to reach them! keep updated.. promise there are so much to learn about.. motherhood, fatherhood.. family matters and eve-ry-thing!

● Omni & Bryce YouTube Channel

● Omni and Bryce #TheClingyFam on IG

Omni & Bryce #TheClingyFam they're only one Tweet away
 (it seems that twitter link is not working and i dunno why! :( :( just search them on twitter instead.)

Omni & Bryce - Facebook Page


 That's all! I thank you! ✌💚

any comments? suggestions? violent reactions?

feel free to message me! email me at

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