Friday, October 20, 2017


Not all secrets are remained to be kept for life! Some secrets are worth sharing for!
Don’t you know that Forever Joy and Love are just one of the factors that I have to maintain for a long lasting relationship with my loved one?  Well, you heard it right! As a mom of two and a well-loved wife of my partner in life, i know the feeling on how to strive hard just to have a long lasting relationship. To achieved a long lasting relationship I need to apply all  these on my everyday life..So here are the things that may also help you to keep your relationship long-lasting!

●Prioritizing children●
●Good Communication●
●Patience and Understanding●
●Learn from mistakes●
●Family that matters●

Love is already given and it should be number one on the list. but love is too basic so there are ways to keep that love long-lasting in a way like; PRIORITIZING MY KIDS FIRST NEXT TO MY HUSBAND.. Because I believed that taking good care of our children and giving what is best for them is also another way to show love for our husband! We've create a relationship that really last long up to now by building every single detail that we have and making a foundation through a GOOD COMMUNICATION. Communicating even we are mad! most of the couples problem nowadays is lack communication! you know, when one is mad they'll tend not to talk to each other. but, that is not right and do not make it a habit! I always love to tell him how mad i am every time he did something wrong.. and that's what he does too. Instead of making each other angry, we always think about PATIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING about the things we have done.. We should never let each other go to bed and sleep at night without even talking. For me, our relationship is not perfect but i can tell how good we are to handle it because there is always a room for FORGIVENESS. We always think about our children and look forward to the worst thing that might happen if we broke our trust to each other. Love is not Love until you've learn all about Sacrifices, Forgiving and Faithfulness. LEARN FROM MISTAKES AND REFRAIN DOING THINGS THAT MIGHT HURT EACH OTHERS FEELINGS.. because, at the end of the day, FAMILY MATTERS! Those are all my secrets to have a long lasting relationship with my loved one! No doubt how the Team Kramer couple kept their sweetness long lasting and how their relationship keeps fresh! maybe also because of the Forever Joy and Love that binds them too!
 Like them, as they are trusting Del to keep their clothes mabango all day.. I personally know what's the best! either FOREVER LOVE or FOREVER JOY.
when it comes to have a LONG LASTING BANGOOOO and FRESHNESS I chose Del Forever Joy and Love Fabric Conditioner. Using Del as my fabric conditioner  is not just about giving my family the best that they deserve but, it’s about how other people can see how I show my love for them even through the laundry!  I personally wash our clothes and I am so proud for the clothes that my husband’s wear in the office and for my son’s school uniform and also my youngest son's daily clothes that it is not just visibly clean! Also the smell stays fresh all day and really last long!!!

Del Forever Joy and Love Fabric Conditioner has now 15X  lasting bangooooo vs a regular detergent brand based on consumer test in Metro Manila.  No matter how tired my husband looks when he comes home at night and my son looked like a kid that plays under the sun all day, the smell of long lasting bangooooo in their clothes is still there! Forever Joy and Forever Love indeed!

For more information and other testimonials you may visit Del fabric Conditioner’s Facebook page link: FACEBOOK.COM/DELFABCON 
you may also share your own story on how Del gives you a long lasting bangooo and freshness all day thru the comment section of my blog! If you haven't try the Del FabCon, this is the right time to experience their Forever Joy and Love Fabcon with Fragrance Pearls! More softener! Long-lasting fragrance!

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