Sunday, September 17, 2017


annheonghaseyo! it is my first time to try this "very soothing" -as indicated in the pack! hehe SOOTHING JELLY PACK! and of course thanks to TSN! (The Soshal Network) for giving me this very very soshal Soothing Jelly Pack! I know that this is very soshal.. soshalness up to the point that i don't wanna really use this because it is just one sheet only. Kaloka! By the way, at first i don't have any idea on how to use this soshal soothing jelly pack no matter how hard I've tried to read the back product info! hahaha

The best time to put this soothing jelly pack is when everyone in the house are sleeping! you wanna know why? My husband woke up and saw me taking selfies and he asked me "Ano yan??" With matching a very confusing face! me was like "don't panic!"  hahaha i just smiled and say sorry and told him that this is only a jelly pack! 

going back to business.. i kept tapping the sheet on my face while lying down on bed waiting for it to dry so that i can remove it and go to sleep..

 I've played a lot of games to entertain my self and..for the second time, my husband woke up again and "ANO BA YAN NAKAKATAKOT KA NAMAN!!" with his eyes wide open! I almost panic cause it's almost 2 am and i already feel a little bit scared cause I am the only one who's still awake and my husband also made me feel so scared too (ulit ulet!) when he told me that I am nakakatakot! huhu 😑😑😑 so I've decided to get up and go near the lamp to check out my face ... that's the time that i have realized that he is telling the truth that my face really looked nakakatakot!! 

i got scared.. but i already decided to remove it because my estimated time it is almost 20-30 minutes already and the sheet is getting dry.. 
i laugh a little 😂  when i saw my face.
 ( nakakatakot! hahaha )  

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