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Brushing Time! Is it hard for you to convince your kids to brush their teeth? As a mom of two, convincing them to brush their teeth is a little bit hard and needs a lot of patience. There was a time that they don't like to brush their teeth because they are busy playing or sometimes because they still want to eat some sweets.. but no worries! Because I've learned that I don't have to force them up to the point that they don't really wanna brush their teeth.. I've learned that in order to catch their attention, brushing time should be just like a playtime! My kids love to brush their teeth when they use their own tutti fruity Colgate toothpaste. And now, I can make brushing even more fun for my family by letting them experience the cool mint fruity taste of Colgate Minion Toothpaste! As we brush our teeth we have some role playing like I am Kevin, my eldest is Stuart and my youngest is Bob! then they really enjoy brushing times when we have a routine like that.

 I am teaching my kids everyday on how to brush their teeth properly and I am confident that I can count on Colgate, because this toothpaste that we're using was clinically proven that has cavity and enamel protection. Gentle cleaning, yet very safe for my kids. I'll make sure that i put a right amount, a pea size Minion toothpaste on their Minion toothbrush. 


 My eldest son really enjoy brushing his teeth alone and right after he brushed his teeth he always say that he has a fresh and cool breath! And that part  always made me smile because i can see that my two sons really enjoy it and i can make them happy even in a such simple way. I'm so proud of them! :)

Make brushing more fun for the family with this new Minion Toothbrush and Minion Toothpaste! 
The ORal Care Pack is Available for kids 2 -5 years old ( Junior ) and also for kids 5-9 years old ( Youth ) You can avail this product through the link below : 

Remember that giving what's best for our kids will reflect for us as their parents. Give what's best for our family and we can start it through teaching them the proper way of brushing and they will remember it as they grow. It is a good start of a lifetime of healthy smiles, Thanks to COLGATE!

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