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OPPO F1s: #FeedGoals

OPPO F1s Instagram #FeedGoals

I've been an instagram user since year 2012 and my first photo posted was my eldest son's picture. I really love editing simple pictures, for it to look more likeable and somehow to amaze my followers! I always have that instagram #FeedGoals to achieve and wishing to have!

and i will share my simple ways for you on how to achieve my Feed goals!

4 ways to achieve my #FeedGoals


To achieve this kind of goal, do not show to other people that you are shy whenever you're taking pictures of your food! don't be bothered.. let them mind their own business and don't miss out the chance to capture your instagrammable food! And don't forget the hashtags by the way before posting you instapost of the day! surely it will gain more double taps! ❤❤❤


Showing my followers that i have lots of chocolates! even though some of those chocolates are not mine. I just wanted them to drool and ask for some! hehe i love posting pictures of different kinds of chocolates.


Picture paints a thousand words! Now that the Instagram has an option that you can post multiple photos we should still limit ourselves in taking selfies and uploading multiple same photos.. yes, same photos! lot's of selfies with the same angle and position.. that's a big no, no! we can achieve our awesome Instagram Feed Goals by posting only just one or two selfie! But, when i have a phone like OPPO F1s.. waaahh.. i can show you what the real meaning of SELFIE is! I can manage posting selfie just for the sake of my #FeedGoals because i can make my photos not that too plain to see, by using the OPPO F1s Camera Filters!

4. OPPO F1s  

My Instagram #feedgoals would be complete and easier to achieve if only i have that OPPO F1s!

just like my husband's cousin! he is younger than me and i should say that he is also an instagram lover!

i always envy him whenever he post such beautiful photos that are really an example of #FeedGoals achieved using his OPPO F1s!

there was a time that i asked him what is the unit of his cellphone because the quality of the pictures are very noticeable..and then he showed me what's his phone is by sending it thru the messenger. His phone is..

    THE OPPO F1s..

I can say that the OPPO F1s is the best camera phone to achieve my Feed Goals! because the OPPO F1s have an easy assistive touch that is very smooth to swipe, of course no log! it won’t take long for you to swipe especially when opening several applications. opening tabs and multi-tasking can be done in just a snap! you can also access easily on your favorite applications by customizing it right away on your OPPO F1s screen.

Style is present just even seeing only the back cover of this beautifully detailed OPPO F1s! everyone will have a second look with this stylish smartphone that may seems so cozy but just like what I’ve said this is very affordable yet you’ve got all the bests! isn’t it awesome?! this OPPO F1s is easy to grip.. can be hold tight and say no to phone slipped!

OPPO F1s has the latest android version. Updated version is very important! As what i am saying that even children /grown up kids will love this smartphone is, because it is can be easy downloadable with educational applications which is available in the PLAYSTORE. Children nowadays knows how to operate a smartphone! i know that because my kids, does. haha! easy access on apps, when i wanted them to be behave for a while. having the latest android version helps you make your everyday life easier! everything you’ll need is here!

OPPO F1s’s sim card manager can be used Dual. It is built with triple slots for 2 nano sims and a micro SD slot which is very useful especially for busy entrepreneurs or just an office -home persons because you can use both sim cards even if they’re different in networks at the same time without any hassles plus a plenty rooms for media and memories.

How about you? Do you agree with me that the OPPO F1s is the best camera phone? You can share your answers in the comment section below. You may also click this link ⇒ OPPO F1s Best Camera Phone for more details about OPPO. I Hope that you can learn about my shared tips on how to achieved my Instagram #FeedGoals! God Bless.. 💓💓💓


  1. waaaah! i want this OPPO F1s too!!! 😍😍😍❤❤❤

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