Tuesday, January 3, 2017


         What does mosquitoes afraid of? Insect Repellent OFF! Course!!


 Have a worry-free bonding moments! Say no to mosquitoes and prevent your kids with any other insect bites by using OFF! For KIDS insect repellent lotion. 

An effective protection from mosquitoes and other insects that may harm our little ones. this reppelent lotion is safe for our kids.. Thats why during their playtime i am 100% sure that no bugs or mosquitoes will go near them. Just apply a little amount on their arms and legs. 
No harmful ingredient, dermatologically-tested safe for their sensitive skin. My kids loves the smell Tropical Fresh Fragrance. We really enjoy our playtime and i have a worry free day that no insects will ruin our bonding moments because of  OFF! Lotion.

Since we love to go in the playground, specially noontime, before going outside i'll make sure that our OFF! insect repellent lotion is with me! Bringing this always since it is in a safety tightly closed bottle it is so easy to carry. We use OFF! lotion even during the day where mosquitoes are there maybe they also love to play! I mean, love to bite children playing around. Ha! Ha! kidding aside, I'm just making sure that my kids are protected from insect bites all through out the day! 

 My kind of playtime with a smell of freshness of soothing chamomile with this OFF! soft and scented mosquito repellent lotion.. no sticky feeling! only smoothness plus a slightly sweet smell of chamomile. i love to use this soft and scented OFF! lotion. Actually, this is my favorite because there's still the good sweet smell, every time that my skin started to sweat. Other people also recognized the pleasant smell of OFF! Soft and Scented Repellent Lotion and it is so fun to tell them that it is only my OFF! Lotion. I recommend this to all of my friends.. try OFF! Insect Repellent Lotion to prove yourselves that aside from it is really a good product it also gives us the protection to prevent any mosquito borne diseases! remember that prevention is better than cure!

Nowadays mosquitoes have different types and we cannot tell which of them are a dengue carrier and as people invented cure or still searching for vaccines to prevent some fatal mosquito borne diseases, as of now we can prevent that by using OFF! insect repellent lotion with overtime protection. this is really helpful to avoid mosquitoes to go near our skin to bite us. you'll never know when they are present and which places they hide..there are mosquitoes or other insects everywhere so we better use this one for our protection! 

like my family,. always have a worry-free bonding with your kids! 
enjoying every moment while keeping them safe and protected at the same time! 
with OFF! Insect Repellent Lotion!

reminder for mom and dads out there:
always read and follow the packaging's DIRECTION FOR USE, CAUTION and FIRST AID.

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