Sunday, October 4, 2015

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit

Dear DIARY. lol
it’s 12:44 AM, here in the Philippines.  hehe (what’s funny?) before everything else.. I wanna share that my hubby didn’t buy what I’ve wanted for lunch yesterday. huhu I want a chicken roll! By the way, the chicken roll is not the reason why I’m writing again a blog! what made me wrote here is because yesterday.. actually earlier  was my first time to eat a dragon fruit!! Dragon what? Yeah DRAGON FRUIT! DRAGON! RAWRR! haha  I’m afraid to eat that fruit at first!  It looks so yummy and bit foamy! (Tasteless tho. Hohoho) I don’t know if I should say that it is Masarap? Hmmm..  t’was my first time to eat that! (Don’t you dare tell me that I am KAWAWA coz that’s my first time!) I just don’t like it that much.. I’ve heard so many people telling that it is so delicious.. OKAY. hands up!   Dragon fruit or PITAYA aka Hylocereus polyrhizus from the family Cactaceae. hehe I missed pharmacognosy so much!  Namimiss ko na silacea!lol thanks google for the scientific name! Haha oh, there are also related searches about its benefits and side effects! (Side effects? But why?)  one of the benefit of that fruit is, it has active antioxidants! Wow.okay. Well.. You guys should eat that fruit often! anti-aging you know!hehe

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