Friday, October 20, 2017


Not all secrets are remained to be kept for life! Some secrets are worth sharing for!
Don’t you know that Forever Joy and Love are just one of the factors that I have to maintain for a long lasting relationship with my loved one?  Well, you heard it right! As a mom of two and a well-loved wife of my partner in life, i know the feeling on how to strive hard just to have a long lasting relationship. To achieved a long lasting relationship I need to apply all  these on my everyday life..So here are the things that may also help you to keep your relationship long-lasting!

●Prioritizing children●
●Good Communication●
●Patience and Understanding●
●Learn from mistakes●
●Family that matters●

Love is already given and it should be number one on the list. but love is too basic so there are ways to keep that love long-lasting in a way like; PRIORITIZING MY KIDS FIRST NEXT TO MY HUSBAND.. Because I believed that taking good care of our children and giving what is best for them is also another way to show love for our husband! We've create a relationship that really last long up to now by building every single detail that we have and making a foundation through a GOOD COMMUNICATION. Communicating even we are mad! most of the couples problem nowadays is lack communication! you know, when one is mad they'll tend not to talk to each other. but, that is not right and do not make it a habit! I always love to tell him how mad i am every time he did something wrong.. and that's what he does too. Instead of making each other angry, we always think about PATIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING about the things we have done.. We should never let each other go to bed and sleep at night without even talking. For me, our relationship is not perfect but i can tell how good we are to handle it because there is always a room for FORGIVENESS. We always think about our children and look forward to the worst thing that might happen if we broke our trust to each other. Love is not Love until you've learn all about Sacrifices, Forgiving and Faithfulness. LEARN FROM MISTAKES AND REFRAIN DOING THINGS THAT MIGHT HURT EACH OTHERS FEELINGS.. because, at the end of the day, FAMILY MATTERS! Those are all my secrets to have a long lasting relationship with my loved one! No doubt how the Team Kramer couple kept their sweetness long lasting and how their relationship keeps fresh! maybe also because of the Forever Joy and Love that binds them too!
 Like them, as they are trusting Del to keep their clothes mabango all day.. I personally know what's the best! either FOREVER LOVE or FOREVER JOY.
when it comes to have a LONG LASTING BANGOOOO and FRESHNESS I chose Del Forever Joy and Love Fabric Conditioner. Using Del as my fabric conditioner  is not just about giving my family the best that they deserve but, it’s about how other people can see how I show my love for them even through the laundry!  I personally wash our clothes and I am so proud for the clothes that my husband’s wear in the office and for my son’s school uniform and also my youngest son's daily clothes that it is not just visibly clean! Also the smell stays fresh all day and really last long!!!

Del Forever Joy and Love Fabric Conditioner has now 15X  lasting bangooooo vs a regular detergent brand based on consumer test in Metro Manila.  No matter how tired my husband looks when he comes home at night and my son looked like a kid that plays under the sun all day, the smell of long lasting bangooooo in their clothes is still there! Forever Joy and Forever Love indeed!

For more information and other testimonials you may visit Del fabric Conditioner’s Facebook page link: FACEBOOK.COM/DELFABCON 
you may also share your own story on how Del gives you a long lasting bangooo and freshness all day thru the comment section of my blog! If you haven't try the Del FabCon, this is the right time to experience their Forever Joy and Love Fabcon with Fragrance Pearls! More softener! Long-lasting fragrance!

Sunday, September 17, 2017


annheonghaseyo! it is my first time to try this "very soothing" -as indicated in the pack! hehe SOOTHING JELLY PACK! and of course thanks to TSN! (The Soshal Network) for giving me this very very soshal Soothing Jelly Pack! I know that this is very soshal.. soshalness up to the point that i don't wanna really use this because it is just one sheet only. Kaloka! By the way, at first i don't have any idea on how to use this soshal soothing jelly pack no matter how hard I've tried to read the back product info! hahaha

The best time to put this soothing jelly pack is when everyone in the house are sleeping! you wanna know why? My husband woke up and saw me taking selfies and he asked me "Ano yan??" With matching a very confusing face! me was like "don't panic!"  hahaha i just smiled and say sorry and told him that this is only a jelly pack! 

going back to business.. i kept tapping the sheet on my face while lying down on bed waiting for it to dry so that i can remove it and go to sleep..

 I've played a lot of games to entertain my self and..for the second time, my husband woke up again and "ANO BA YAN NAKAKATAKOT KA NAMAN!!" with his eyes wide open! I almost panic cause it's almost 2 am and i already feel a little bit scared cause I am the only one who's still awake and my husband also made me feel so scared too (ulit ulet!) when he told me that I am nakakatakot! huhu 😑😑😑 so I've decided to get up and go near the lamp to check out my face ... that's the time that i have realized that he is telling the truth that my face really looked nakakatakot!! 

i got scared.. but i already decided to remove it because my estimated time it is almost 20-30 minutes already and the sheet is getting dry.. 
i laugh a little 😂  when i saw my face.
 ( nakakatakot! hahaha )  

Sunday, May 28, 2017



Brushing Time! Is it hard for you to convince your kids to brush their teeth? As a mom of two, convincing them to brush their teeth is a little bit hard and needs a lot of patience. There was a time that they don't like to brush their teeth because they are busy playing or sometimes because they still want to eat some sweets.. but no worries! Because I've learned that I don't have to force them up to the point that they don't really wanna brush their teeth.. I've learned that in order to catch their attention, brushing time should be just like a playtime! My kids love to brush their teeth when they use their own tutti fruity Colgate toothpaste. And now, I can make brushing even more fun for my family by letting them experience the cool mint fruity taste of Colgate Minion Toothpaste! As we brush our teeth we have some role playing like I am Kevin, my eldest is Stuart and my youngest is Bob! then they really enjoy brushing times when we have a routine like that.

 I am teaching my kids everyday on how to brush their teeth properly and I am confident that I can count on Colgate, because this toothpaste that we're using was clinically proven that has cavity and enamel protection. Gentle cleaning, yet very safe for my kids. I'll make sure that i put a right amount, a pea size Minion toothpaste on their Minion toothbrush. 


 My eldest son really enjoy brushing his teeth alone and right after he brushed his teeth he always say that he has a fresh and cool breath! And that part  always made me smile because i can see that my two sons really enjoy it and i can make them happy even in a such simple way. I'm so proud of them! :)

Make brushing more fun for the family with this new Minion Toothbrush and Minion Toothpaste! 
The ORal Care Pack is Available for kids 2 -5 years old ( Junior ) and also for kids 5-9 years old ( Youth ) You can avail this product through the link below : 

Remember that giving what's best for our kids will reflect for us as their parents. Give what's best for our family and we can start it through teaching them the proper way of brushing and they will remember it as they grow. It is a good start of a lifetime of healthy smiles, Thanks to COLGATE!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


5 Simple Tips For Smartphone's Battery Life To Last Long.

Nowadays, wanderers are really in! But make sure that you have all your important things with you, specially your cellphone's charger. None of us wants to travel alone but also none of us wants to share our things with someone. Especially when you know how they do not give importance to our valuables! I'm just saying that if you have a cellphone, automatically you have your own charger! But in some case there is always someone that can ruin your day  or might often borrow yours! So here's the solution.. save your battery life for yourself.


Always bring your smartphone's charger with you. Make sure that your phone is fully charged an hour before your trip. Our cellphone's battery life is very important because you'll never know when you will needed it the most. Remember that you can always manage to put your applications into a sleep mode to lessen it's battery consumption.

avoid draining your battery! Because the more that you're using a low battery smartphone specially when your using your phone in to many calls there is a tendency that the radiation is high. As I've said, you can never see the damage until you'll find it out. Our health is also one of the main priority of some battery manufactures so, better practice reading your smartphone's guidelines. be aware of the major do's and dont's and also to avoid draining the battery.

Avoid using your smartphone while it is charging. If it is not necessarily needed, learn to finish charging before using  it! <3 I know that you can't stand a minute without using your phone, but learn to have a self discipline! And also for you to avoid the sudden heat of the phone that happens mostly when charging. Keep safe!

We have to maximize our battery life thru some energy saving tips. The charging time length depends on the amount of battery life left on our device. but most often, we can charge our smartphone 1-2 hours until it is fully charged. Good thing that our smartphone is automatically stops charging when it is fully charged even we forgot to disconnect from charging.


Never use a charger which is not compatible in your device. we need to take care of our smartphone's battery.. never just use a charger just because it fits the cable port. Always use the original and the compatible one.  The damage cannot be seen as soon as you use the incompatible cellphone charger because  sometimes the damage is unnoticeable. We can use s high quality charger cable like the
this magneto magnetic cable is safe and MFI  certified by Apple. It's strengthened cable is a kind of a magnetic cable than cannot be easily detached on your smartphone's USB Port. It is 10 times more durable than original cables with a length of 3.38 ft  and it is ultra  fast charging. so, don't be bother when using it while charging.

for more information about the MAGNETO MAGNETIC CABLE you may visit this link : WIDGETCITY.COM
you may also find other accessories thru thier shop categories.
How about you? Do you have any Smart Charging Tips that needs to be shared? Please feel free to comment!


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Samsung Galaxy A7 2017

Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 

Someone is trying to bribe me.. 😆😆😆

 What's in the box?

GOLD SAND Samsung Galaxy A7 2017. lol 😂
✔ Adaptive Fast Charger
✔ Prepaid Data Sim (4G LTE | Tri-cut )
✔Quick start guide and Warranty Card
✔Sim Card Key 😅😅😅
✔Samsung Original EarPhones
✔Micro USB Connector

➡ 32GB
➡Water & Dust Resisant
➡CAMERA 16MP/ 16MP ( Back and Front Cam w/ Flash) 
➡ IP68 can be immersed in 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes
➡Finger Scanner

64 Octa Core Processor
144.3 mm (5.7") FHD sAMOLED
32GB Memory
3600 mAH Battery Capacity
Colors Available:

Peach Cloud
Black Sky
Blue Mist
Gold Sand





Saturday, April 8, 2017

OPPO F1s: #FeedGoals

OPPO F1s Instagram #FeedGoals

I've been an instagram user since year 2012 and my first photo posted was my eldest son's picture. I really love editing simple pictures, for it to look more likeable and somehow to amaze my followers! I always have that instagram #FeedGoals to achieve and wishing to have!

and i will share my simple ways for you on how to achieve my Feed goals!

4 ways to achieve my #FeedGoals


To achieve this kind of goal, do not show to other people that you are shy whenever you're taking pictures of your food! don't be bothered.. let them mind their own business and don't miss out the chance to capture your instagrammable food! And don't forget the hashtags by the way before posting you instapost of the day! surely it will gain more double taps! ❤❤❤


Showing my followers that i have lots of chocolates! even though some of those chocolates are not mine. I just wanted them to drool and ask for some! hehe i love posting pictures of different kinds of chocolates.


Picture paints a thousand words! Now that the Instagram has an option that you can post multiple photos we should still limit ourselves in taking selfies and uploading multiple same photos.. yes, same photos! lot's of selfies with the same angle and position.. that's a big no, no! we can achieve our awesome Instagram Feed Goals by posting only just one or two selfie! But, when i have a phone like OPPO F1s.. waaahh.. i can show you what the real meaning of SELFIE is! I can manage posting selfie just for the sake of my #FeedGoals because i can make my photos not that too plain to see, by using the OPPO F1s Camera Filters!

4. OPPO F1s  

My Instagram #feedgoals would be complete and easier to achieve if only i have that OPPO F1s!

just like my husband's cousin! he is younger than me and i should say that he is also an instagram lover!

i always envy him whenever he post such beautiful photos that are really an example of #FeedGoals achieved using his OPPO F1s!

there was a time that i asked him what is the unit of his cellphone because the quality of the pictures are very noticeable..and then he showed me what's his phone is by sending it thru the messenger. His phone is..

    THE OPPO F1s..

I can say that the OPPO F1s is the best camera phone to achieve my Feed Goals! because the OPPO F1s have an easy assistive touch that is very smooth to swipe, of course no log! it won’t take long for you to swipe especially when opening several applications. opening tabs and multi-tasking can be done in just a snap! you can also access easily on your favorite applications by customizing it right away on your OPPO F1s screen.

Style is present just even seeing only the back cover of this beautifully detailed OPPO F1s! everyone will have a second look with this stylish smartphone that may seems so cozy but just like what I’ve said this is very affordable yet you’ve got all the bests! isn’t it awesome?! this OPPO F1s is easy to grip.. can be hold tight and say no to phone slipped!

OPPO F1s has the latest android version. Updated version is very important! As what i am saying that even children /grown up kids will love this smartphone is, because it is can be easy downloadable with educational applications which is available in the PLAYSTORE. Children nowadays knows how to operate a smartphone! i know that because my kids, does. haha! easy access on apps, when i wanted them to be behave for a while. having the latest android version helps you make your everyday life easier! everything you’ll need is here!

OPPO F1s’s sim card manager can be used Dual. It is built with triple slots for 2 nano sims and a micro SD slot which is very useful especially for busy entrepreneurs or just an office -home persons because you can use both sim cards even if they’re different in networks at the same time without any hassles plus a plenty rooms for media and memories.

How about you? Do you agree with me that the OPPO F1s is the best camera phone? You can share your answers in the comment section below. You may also click this link ⇒ OPPO F1s Best Camera Phone for more details about OPPO. I Hope that you can learn about my shared tips on how to achieved my Instagram #FeedGoals! God Bless.. 💓💓💓

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


         What does mosquitoes afraid of? Insect Repellent OFF! Course!!


 Have a worry-free bonding moments! Say no to mosquitoes and prevent your kids with any other insect bites by using OFF! For KIDS insect repellent lotion. 

An effective protection from mosquitoes and other insects that may harm our little ones. this reppelent lotion is safe for our kids.. Thats why during their playtime i am 100% sure that no bugs or mosquitoes will go near them. Just apply a little amount on their arms and legs. 
No harmful ingredient, dermatologically-tested safe for their sensitive skin. My kids loves the smell Tropical Fresh Fragrance. We really enjoy our playtime and i have a worry free day that no insects will ruin our bonding moments because of  OFF! Lotion.

Since we love to go in the playground, specially noontime, before going outside i'll make sure that our OFF! insect repellent lotion is with me! Bringing this always since it is in a safety tightly closed bottle it is so easy to carry. We use OFF! lotion even during the day where mosquitoes are there maybe they also love to play! I mean, love to bite children playing around. Ha! Ha! kidding aside, I'm just making sure that my kids are protected from insect bites all through out the day! 

 My kind of playtime with a smell of freshness of soothing chamomile with this OFF! soft and scented mosquito repellent lotion.. no sticky feeling! only smoothness plus a slightly sweet smell of chamomile. i love to use this soft and scented OFF! lotion. Actually, this is my favorite because there's still the good sweet smell, every time that my skin started to sweat. Other people also recognized the pleasant smell of OFF! Soft and Scented Repellent Lotion and it is so fun to tell them that it is only my OFF! Lotion. I recommend this to all of my friends.. try OFF! Insect Repellent Lotion to prove yourselves that aside from it is really a good product it also gives us the protection to prevent any mosquito borne diseases! remember that prevention is better than cure!

Nowadays mosquitoes have different types and we cannot tell which of them are a dengue carrier and as people invented cure or still searching for vaccines to prevent some fatal mosquito borne diseases, as of now we can prevent that by using OFF! insect repellent lotion with overtime protection. this is really helpful to avoid mosquitoes to go near our skin to bite us. you'll never know when they are present and which places they hide..there are mosquitoes or other insects everywhere so we better use this one for our protection! 

like my family,. always have a worry-free bonding with your kids! 
enjoying every moment while keeping them safe and protected at the same time! 
with OFF! Insect Repellent Lotion!

reminder for mom and dads out there:
always read and follow the packaging's DIRECTION FOR USE, CAUTION and FIRST AID.

Friday, October 21, 2016

#FreeTheJoy with Limited Edition Cadbury Dairy Milk Christmas Flavors

Christmas spirit is in the air! and the limited edition of our favorite Cadbury Dairy Milk flavors are back! who's not excited?! I'm so glad that my favorite Cadbury Dairy Milk christmas flavors are now available to endulge our chocolate cravings! #FreeTheJoy You guys have no idea how badly i love every flavors of Cadbury Dairy Milk! thinking about just the word "Cadbury" really makes me drool, always! haha! the richness, thickness and smoothness of these cadbury christmas edition of chocolates are really to die for! sweet tooth problems, you know!

These Cadbury Dairy Milk Christmas Flavors are perfect gift idea for our loved ones!
 For me, each flavors represents uniqueness that suits the 3 persons of my life's personalities. they're the one whom i want to share this Cadbury Dairy Milk with.. ♡♡♡

The limited edition flavor of Cadbury Dairy Milk BLACK FOREST is perfect for my mom and dad! one of my mom's favorite is black forest! so, thinking about this cadbury dairy milk as a christmas present for them..  oh, i already imagine the smile on their faces.
This Black Forest Cadbury Dairy Milk has a smooth sensation  and it comes with real chocolate cookies and red jellies!  a combination of a crunchy-chewy chocolate perfectly blend in one pack just like my parents! with their "crunchy-chewy" relationship! haha they're bit old but sometimes they act like teens! they have different personalities but they are perfectly made for eachother! no one can resist a piece of chocolate!  they deserve these limited edition flavor of cadbury dairy milk

 Richer chocolatey taste is in every pack of my favorite Cadbury Dairy Milk. What more could i ask for if my favorite chocolate comes into a chocolate mousse flavor?
you cannot please everybody but with the help of this Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Mousse flavor, you can! this limited edition flavor is perfect to give for my Aunt and also our godmother. whom we owe almost everything of our daily needs! giving her this Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Mousse flavor is like saying thank you for everything! no words can express how lucky we are to have her! so, i'm giving her this special,  light and airy chocolate-flavored cream enveloped in classic milk chocolate shell.
this flavor of Cadbury Dairy Milk is definitely for her! because she is also the reason why we never ran out of Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate on our fridge!

Who wants surprises?! everybody wants to be surprised especially this christmas season! money can't buy happiness but i can say that i can buy everything even HAPPINESS! simple joys and lots of surprises for my well loved husband, whom i really like to give this limited edition flavor of Cadbury Dairy Milk.
Cadbury Dairy Milk French Vanilla Flavor! it has a french vanilla filled at the center of this smooth, soft and silky chocolate that you'll enjoy in every bite! My husband loves surprises as well as chocolates! and he will be surprised as he bite into this exquisite flavor.

Did i mention i can buy happiness? oh, yes that's true!

Cadbury Dairy Milk Black Forest, Cadbury Dairy Milk French Vanilla, and Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Mousse are available in 180g packs for a suggested retail price of P180.00. Hurry and get all flavors - available until supplies last! #FreeTheJoy this Christmas with Cadbury Dairy Milk! 


Not all secrets are remained to be kept for life! Some secrets are worth sharing for! Don’t you know that Forever Joy and Love a...